Looking for something special?

Jewelry is a wonderful way to celebrate and honor your love, life, and accomplishments—whether you’re getting engaged, graduating, or celebrating a promotion! Buying custom ensures that the piece you buy will reflect your personality and values.

If you’re interested in commissioning an engagement ring, starting a custom project, or you have questions about the process, please fill in a contact form to get in touch.


Buying a handmade piece means that you’re directly supporting an artist with your purchase. Because each piece is made by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike and each piece has its own little story and character imparted by the artist’s hands.

All fabrication and carving is done by me. Custom pieces are either fabricated from sheet and wire, or are cast. Cast pieces start out as a tube or block of wax which I then hand carve just for you! The wax is then molded and cast at a local casting company on Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row.

Responsibly Sourced

Responsible sourcing means different things to different people, so I am very clear with my custom clients about where their materials come from. If you have specific preferences about the sourcing of your materials, please be sure to let me know!

All of my custom work is created using recycled metals. Sourcing ethically mined, cut, and sold gemstones can be a challenge, so I only work with sellers I trust. All diamonds I work with are Kimberly Certified at a minimum. When possible, I buy recycled diamonds and gemstones rather than contributing to new mining.

If you would like to learn more about ethics, sustainability, and responsibility in the jewelry industry, check out Ethical Metalsmiths!


I am excited to work with you to create something truly special! I like to start the process with a phone call (or email) for us to get to know each other a little bit and talk about your vision. If you’re local to Philadelphia, we can also set up a meeting in person in a coffee shop or my South Philly studio.

In the initial meeting we’ll go over things like your budget, timeline, style, and desired materials. From there I’ll start sketching, sourcing stones, then making wax or metal models. With your input we’ll finalize the design over email.

I would be honored to help you and your partner celebrate your love with a custom ring!